Are you ready to go from feeling stuck and overwhelmed in your parenting to finding skills and community that will support you?

Hi, I’m Katie!

I’m a Parent Coach and I help parents to assess the root causes of what is impacting the relationship they have with their children.  I support and guide parents in fostering a strong emotional connection based on more empathy and respect that directly supports their child’s natural developmental needs.  Together we will release perfection and embrace the beautiful imperfection of parenting.

Often times, parents think parent coaching is about the children.  I’m here to let you in on a little secret:  parent coaching is not about fixing your child.  It is about you, the PARENT, crazy right?

As a Parent Coach, I support parents to engage, energize, and empower their strength based skills.  As you engage in the process of working with me, you will rediscover a deeper love and understanding for your child and the joys of parenting.









I’m a single mom of 2. Before taking Incredible Years classes with Katie, I didn’t think I needed any help with my parenting. I yelled a lot and had little patience with my kids, which added to the chaos.

Since having worked with Katie, I’ve learned how to be more patient with my kids and not yell, how to praise the good behavior and stop the bad behavior’s. I’ve also learned how to de-escalate tantrums.

I’ve become a better parent for my kids with parenting advice from Katie.

– Maggie


“I thought of you today when I yelled….and then cried. Thank you for bringing awareness to the role I play in my children’s behavior.

While I certainly haven’t mastered things, today I circled back and explained my feelings, owned and apologized for my poor choices in behavior, and asked for forgiveness. I’m not sure I hit the mark for the positives to follow a negative, but I sure am trying.

My daughter called for me to her room after we had already said our goodnights and said ‘mama, I love you anyway.’ 


“Tell me and I forget.

Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”